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Life Skills Institute is a 501c(3) tax deductible organization with over 20 years experience working with chronically ill patients. Through fundraising, Life Skills Institute manages donations from foundations, corporations and private donors to provide the Life Skills Approach to people in a health crisis.

Life Skills has developed a program to help any person in a struggle tap their inner resources so they can actively participate in meeting their challenges. Life Skills Inc. has developed that inner technology to not only help a person in a health challenge, but to help people participate in healing as they improve the quality of their life.

If your foundation, corporation or organization would like seminar or publication tailored to your specific needs, we are happy to work with you.

Life Skills is dedicated to helping people to benefit from their struggles instead of being defeated by them. The theme of Life Skills is: to struggle is to grow. Join us in making this a reality for the people you know that struggle with their health. Life Skills Institute is a charitable organization established for that purpose.

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Donations are more than welcome, and can be sent to the address below.

Life Skills Institute
100 South Fourth Ave. #806
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Or, if you wish to make an online payment, please click on the button below.

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