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Marc Lerner's Bio

Hello, my name is Marc Lerner, and I have had Multiple Sclerosis since March of 1981. For me, there is only one thing good about having a chronic illness - I have used my struggle as an opportunity for inner growth.

When we find ourselves in a health crisis, we basically have two ways to go; we can either fall back on our past, conditioned habits, or we can transcend our past conditioning and connect to the Wisdom of our Body. For most people, falling back on past conditioning is not a conscious choice - it happens automatically. If you choose the conscious alternative, you must develop new habits that harmonize with your inner wisdom.

Have you heard the saying, "A light shines brighter in darkness?" Truly, the darker it gets, the brighter the light can shine. Is it possible to take the darkest moments in your life and use them to deepen the quality of your life? You can focus on what's wrong in your struggle, or you can focus on what you can get out of the situation ... it is your choice.

A health crisis is a traumatic event in anyone's life, but there is an opportunity for spiritual growth within every struggle. It forces you to grow. I choose the word force because I felt forced to surrender. My only real choice was what to surrender to. I could have surrendered to my illness, to my doctor, to the latest new age approach for dealing with a chronic illness, or to any belief system. I prayed for an appropriate surrender, and I landed in pure consciousness beyond the creations of my mind.

In addition to improving the quality of my entire life by helping me develop a deep spiritual connection, discovering the Wisdom of my Body has made me an active patient working as a partner with my doctor and my whole medical team. Utilizing my inner resources has actually supported their treatments.

Though that journey has had many low times, it has forced me to become intimate with a depth that brings real quality into my life. It would be easy to ignore that beauty if I just focused on what was wrong with me but that depresses me and doesn't contribute to healing.

As I actively participate from the best part of me, I creatively explore a wonderful spiritual life in the silence beyond my thinking, beyond my habits. I can easily ignore that part of me when I focus on my thoughts, but silence empowers the best parts of me.

I don't think I could have had this experience without the struggle forced upon me by my illness. When I become conscious beyond thinking, I touch that reality and experience what the great minds of the past have written about. Though I may not be able to express it with their sophistication, I have had direct experience with what they write about. I could study about my depth and learn about it, but direct experience is not found in theory.

The Life Skills Approach takes you through an inner journey from your thoughts to the depth of inner wisdom and then back again, and this happens as simply as breathing. I wholeheartedly encourage you to use your struggle as an opportunity to explore the "you" beyond your thinking mind. Enjoy your inner journey.

Marc Lerner and Life Skills

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