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A Healthy Way To Be Sick

Turn challenges you cannot control into incredible opportunities of spiritual growth. Learn how to deal with things you cannot control simply by controlling your focus. The trick is that your focus has to go beyond your thinking mind. So how can you control it without thinking?

Our breath becomes an amazing tool when our focus goes beyond our thinking mind. You can create habits that control the breath so thoughts don't have to be involved. Dealing with a health crisis becomes spiritual when you use the Wisdom of the Body to control your breath.

In this book you learn how to develop the habits that transport your breath beyond thinking to what I call the Wisdom of the Body.

This inner wisdom exists beyond the reach of logic at the Center of your being. Within your breath is consciousness and when you condition your mind harmonious with the Wisdom of the Body, your breath transports consciousness to your Center.

Then, in the rhythm of your breath, you breathe out. This action returns consciousness from your Center to the external world.

This may sound complicated, but when you follow the simple steps in this book it becomes as simple as breathing in and out. Connecting to your Center, and the Wisdom of your Body, is as effortless as breathing, if you learn how to consciously condition your mind. Read this e-book and learn the ease of inner wisdom.

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