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The Benefits of Blindness
How to Reprogram the Sub-conscious Mind
Disability & quality of Life
Approaching Difficulties
A Healthy Perspective   Posted 3-19-07
Reprogramming your Subconscious Mind
Learning Introspection: Tuning into Your Own Wisdom
The Patient’s Role in Healing, The most important thing they can do

Our Greatest Resource in Healing is too often Ignored


The Benefits of Blindness

By; Marc Lerner

This essay is meant to help people use their inner resources to deal with challenges. I have multiple sclerosis and I am legally blind. I have many opportunities to blame my health for not manifesting successfully, but regardless of what I complain about, there is a part of me deep inside that doesn’t buy excuses.

      My struggle has sent me on an inward journey to find inner resources and in spite of my health condition, I am proud of the quality of my life. In this essay I want to share the benefits of blindness with those who are blind and those who deal with other struggles. What ever your situation is, beyond your negative thoughts is an inner wisdom that also lives a quality life. I encourage each one of us to connect to that inner wisdom and participate in life at your full potential.

       If there is one benefit our struggles can give us is that when you struggle you will either grow and develop yourself in many ways or your struggle will defeat you. Let me share with you the benefits of being legally blind. You may not identify with my struggle or you may; the important thing is for you to connect to a desire to manifest and better your life. That simple desire will automatically make you tap inner resources so that happens.

      These are simple points as I look through my life that shows the benefits of blindness. I encourage you to look at your struggle and find the benefits that improve the quality of your life. Of course you can focus on the negativity in your life, but what does that give you. Focus on the benefits that enhance the quality of your life.

Thoughts that set the tone on how I deal with Blindness

  • Focus on the benefits of blindness and you will have an easier time dealing with the challenges blindness brings
  • Take away anything we naturally depend on and you will discover inner resources you never realized you had. When you have a significant loss, you can either focus on the negative aspects of that situation or you can begin to explore the benefits it offers. If you look deep enough, you will find benefits in every situation you are ever in.
  • When you interact with people you can focus on the negative aspects of interacting with them or focus on the positive aspects, you may have to look hard to find them… but they are there. One positive aspect that always is there exists deep inside of you and some of my worse experiences force me to that depth.
  •  The same is true with your job, your health and your social interactions; it is up to you to find the positive experience in every situation. You might say there is no positive in specific situations-but realize beyond your thoughts exists a wisdom that is constantly connected to a positive experience. Your search just has to go deeper, but that quality is always there

This does not mean you only focus on the positive things in life, it means that you can deal with the negative aspects of life from a positive perspective. I deal with a lot of negative situations and beyond those negative thoughts is the real beauty in my life. Now here is the most important thing about what you focus on-it is totally in your control. I have the opportunity to focus on terrible thoughts and I have the opportunity to transcend thinking and enter silence. In silence I find a spiritual depth and my thinking usually deals with my struggle.

  • Most people are legally blind with inner vision & though they can see outside of themselves they are limited in different ways. When I can not see outside of myself, it is natural to look within. I think inner blindness causes more pain and frustration than outer blindness.
  • With proper inner focus I can reduce distractions from external things, and control my mind to reduce stress. Blindness may have limited me in my outer world, but it has given me beautiful freedoms when I look within.
  • Now this is my most important point; the qualities blindness allowed me to develop is within everyone. My vision may have forced me to tap inner resources, but those qualities are within you now and for every challenge you face they are there for you to rely on.

            The techniques in the Life Skills Approach shares with you what I learned as I dealt with being legally blind. I was able to develop a positive self image and when I fall I don’t get up until I connect to that part of me so I deal with the fall consciously. I get punished when I deal with struggles from a negative self image and that pain usually hurts more than the fall.

            When you can’t see the objects of your thoughts; thinking looses importance. We tend to trust important thoughts so that allowed me to develop a self trust within my self that goes deeper than thinking. Another positive lesson blindness taught me was ways to deal with negative thinking and by doing so I connected to the Wisdom of my Body.

            Blindness was a traumatic adjustment, but it forced me to a depth that improved the rest of my life. I invite you to turn your challenges into blessings through a path of self discovery.

So is there a real choice?

The Life Skills Approach e-books are designed to assist you on turning challenges into positive learning experiences. Go to my website at http://lifeskillsinc.com or my Blog at http://lifeskillsapproach.com to learn more about Life Skills and get a free mini e-book.

How to Reprogram the Sub-conscious Mind

By; Marc Lerner

Once I was explaining the benefits of the E-book and I was asked “how do you re-program the subconscious mind, my thinking mind makes that difficult for me to do!  As I was explaining this abstract concept I knew this was going to turn into an article and demand much more explanation. 

            My simple answer was to go through the E-book with the step-by-step guide of the auto responder.  Basically I help re-program the Sub-conscious mind by working on the experience level—developing three basic Life Skills.  #1) Your self image was programmed by thousands of conditionings that created a specific tone to who you think you are.  In the Life Skills Approach you develop habits strengthening a self-image harmonious with your deepest inner wisdom. 

            That positive character will soon become your Positive Self and be your entrance into the Wisdom of your Body.  Through about 8 techniques, you consciously condition a new Positive Self image that will serve you in everything you do.

            The second Life Skill we reprogram deals with how we trust ourselves, which quickly translates into what do you lean on as you perform your activities.  When you deal with a health crisis; you can either lean on your past conditioning or the Wisdom of your Body.  The Life Skills Approach teaches you how to lean on your deepest inner wisdom as you deal with such an important task.

            The third Life Skills we develop as you re-program your sub-conscious mind deals with what part of you do you keep alive?  Through a simple Breathing technique, you learn how to give life to your deepest inner wisdom instead of giving life to your past conditioning.  Your life may have been wonderful or your past was something you want to forget; the Life Skills Approach takes a different route, we give life to our inner wisdom in the moment now.  As soon as you learn this Breathing technique, you learn the past conditioned habits, if they are good or bad doesn’t compare to a living experience of the Wisdom of the Body.  This technique gives you the power to consciously control where your life is directed and how you deal with your illness.

            The fourth technique packages all of these techniques together and programs your mind to use them in your everyday life.  So how we re-program the sub-conscious is through changing the programs that develops those skills with-in you.  After you create conscious habits of these Life Skills, which this E-book teaches you to do; you have re-programmed your Sub-conscious mind.

            If you want to change and all you did was to send conscious directions to yourself—you may develop a worthy understanding, but you didn’t reprogram your sub-conscious mind.  To take an active role in your healing process; re-programming your sub-conscious mind activates your deepest inner wisdom and naturally creates a conscious healing environment.

            The Wisdom of your Body is the most conscious “you”; trust it—give it life and then participate in healing from that depth.

Marc Lerner turned a negative experience into a wonderful journey of self discovery. Benefit from his journey as he helps you explore your inner world as he was forced to do. Go to http://lifeskillsinc.com or http://lifeskillsapproach.com & join his inner journey.


Disability & quality of Life

By; Marc Lerner

No matter what challenge we face, stress is a product in how we interpret it. Control stress by consciously dealing with challenges from the Wisdom of your Body.
I have had multiple sclerosis for over 26 years and no matter what struggle I face; I have been able to find a shelter beyond my depressing thoughts that is the source of a wonderful quality.

The reality of a disability is never easy to deal with but that makes the shelter beyond thinking that much more valuable. A disability requires that depth for quality.

“The Zone of Healing” is the best place to deal with any disability; for in that space the thoughts in your mind don’t limit you. When a person enters the Zone, they go beyond the everyday level of thinking and tap into their powerful inner resources to better accomplish their goal. In that “Zone moment” not only do they perform better, that experience has a spiritual quality.

In a talk with people in a health crisis I asked them if they ever experienced the Zone. One person was a runner and said after running for an hour they enter that spiritual moment. Another person who was a musician said they entered that moment when they got lost playing music. One lady said she wasn’t interested in sports or music, but felt the Zone when she played with her kids. Even though the activities that brought them to the Zone was different, the beyond thinking state of mind connected them to inner resources as they experienced a high quality of life.

In the Zone state of mind, I want people to enter that consciousness to deal with the disability challenge they face. A person dealing with a disability may not be able to do the activity that creates the Zone experience, but that quality still exists beyond their thinking mind. To be able to consciously deal with a disability you have to be connected to powerful inner resources and experiencing a quality life.

It doesn’t matter what you do; your inner focus has to activate the Wisdom of your Body instead of focusing on the thoughts about your disability. Thinking like that often leads to limiting mental programs where focusing on the Wisdom of your body gives you unlimited participation in your activities.

Do you look outside of yourself for what you need to do to become conscious in how you deal with your disability? I suggest you look within and connect to the Wisdom of your Body so your participation becomes an instant wise reaction. Marc Lerner has a long term health crisis to deal with and encourages other people with the same to deal with it from the Wisdom of the Body. At http://lifeskillsapproach.com get a free e-book about the Life Skills Approach & develop a Healthy way to be disabled.


Approaching Difficulties

By; Marc Lerner

When we face a challenge we are not prepared to deal with what is happening; that is why it is a challenge.

But in that unprepared state of mind exists our greatest potential, for that is where the Wisdom of the Body becomes activated.

If we became comfortable with that depth & could return there by will; we would face every difficulty utilizing our deepest inner wisdom.

Unfortunately we like to be prepared and our deepest wisdom is seldom vulnerable… our ego makes sure of that. So we comfortably stay with the familiar as our deepest wisdom seldom gets activated.

We travel down the paths that are known and accepted because our worse fear is to be a fool that is not in control. That is how we have been taught as we grew up and society reinforces it consistently. Not knowing is bad and you will pay for that ignorance.

So when we face a health challenge our natural reaction is to grasp the expert’s knowledge. Modern medicine is definitely a super gift, but if that quest for knowledge covers up the Wisdom of the Body with thinking; that gift becomes a curse.

The patient has to reveal the Wisdom of the Body so healing can happen. Even when the scientist that discovered the cure for the disease they have faces the need to heal; their inner wisdom needs to be revealed.

The understanding that led to the greatest discovery is no substitute for the Wisdom of the Body. Qualities like self trust and confidence allows the body to respond to that new medical treatment, where understanding can slow the healing process down.

Thinking symbolically embraces life; where simple love and the passion to live embraces life experientially. It is that experiential embrace that ignites inner wisdom and the body’s ability to heal.

Don’t get me wrong, I more than welcome medical break through, especially when it can change my medical condition; but that desire doesn’t excuse me from participating in healing with the Wisdom of my Body.

I hope your condition has a medical cure, but I hope you participate in your health struggle and your entire life with the Wisdom of your Body.

Marc Lerner deals with a chronic disease & works with patients helping them participate in healing from their inner wisdom. Learn about the Life Skills Approach with a free E-book at; http://lifeskillsapproach.com and read Marc's Blog at http://lifeskillsapproach.com and learn how to enjoy the adventure you are on.


A Healthy Perspective   Posted 3-19-07

By; Marc Lerner

If your illness is a reality you have to deal with and you have tried so many things to heal…learn a perspective that puts you in the best place to heal & rewards you spiritually.

Go Beyond your thinking mind & experience your dilemma from the perspective of the Wisdom of your Body. That part of you has powerful inner resources to heal & find quality beyond the symbolic mind in a spiritual reality.

Your mind gives you the security of the known, but here you get a spiritual perspective.

Too often when we face a health challenge our focus is on our thinking mind, but beyond your mind-made reality is the Wisdom of your body. That part of you heals and that part reaches beyond thoughts to connect to a spiritual reality. Thoughts symbolically represents that inner miracle, but in your dilemma you need more than symbols.

In the same way looking at a picture of someone you love creates good feelings in your body-but kissing that picture is not the same as kissing that person. Thoughts of a Higher power feels good-but surrendering in silence is not the same.

When awareness goes beyond thinking you give life to your inner wisdom. Breathing into that beyond thought reality activates it and your healing powers become alive. This is not symbolic. It happens in a moment as your heart fills up with a spiritual experience. At that depth there is no “you” there to take credit or interfere with healing.

In that selfless realm your spirit comes alive also. When you welcome that reality you allow the miracle of life to perform without your presence and you heal the best.

Your thinking mind is symbols that connect you to past experiences or understandings. You need to connect to the Wisdom of your Body. That is the home of your inner resources and has the power to do something effective in the moment. That is how you will practically deal with this challenge from a spiritual perspective.

You can definitely use your thinking mind to create symbolic links to this incredible resource, but until you learn to accept that wisdom in the moment; healing will only be a theory.

You can consciously create habits that connect you to your inner wisdom and avoid your thinking mind’s limitations; it just requires your intention and a strong will to heal.  If your focus is on thoughts of worry and intellectual searching; you may totally ignore this incredible inner resource.

Don’t get me wrong; those thoughts may be very valuable but they just can not replace the Wisdom of your Body. It is your awareness and your breath that activates that wisdom and when your focus is caught limited to the thinking mind that wisdom too often gets ignored.

You can deal with a health crisis from a spiritual perspective which activates your healing powers but more importantly creates a loving purpose to live.

When I talk about healing I have no limitations on that phenomena; if you are crippled you could get up & walk or you could be crippled as you explore that miracle of life.

In the same way you live your life and do what needs to be done; you can trigger connecting to the Wisdom of your Body to look out of the eyes from a deep inner truth.

Then as you do daily activities like cooking your lunch you can connect to the Wisdom of your Body. Are you prepared to connect to the Wisdom of your Body and appreciate your life?

The Life Skills Approach helps you to create the habits that connect you to the Wisdom of your Body. Go to http://lifeskillsapproach.com get a free E-book and start preparing to connect to your inner wisdom. This is what you need to do in any health crisis.


Reprogramming your Subconscious Mind

By; Marc Lerner

Most people live their lives focused on their thoughts. Our thinking mind opens and closes doors in our world, but our subconscious is the most powerful part of us. Our thoughts and actions are but the clothes worn by the subconscious to make us presentable in this world and yet that is where we focus our full attention.

            If you could program your subconscious to be harmonious with the Wisdom of your Body, your thoughts and actions would always reflect a well balanced person, coming from a depth of peace and calm. When our subconscious becomes the expression of poor conditioning; thoughts and actions reflect a lack of ease.

            In a social context that is when awkward thoughts and actions emerge, but in a health context that lack of ease creates an environment that welcomes disease. The awkward moments in health are when the immune system can not protect the body from disease and we get sick.

            Our subconscious mind, when it is reflecting that peace an calm is operated by the Wisdom of the Body. In that consciousness we are operated by something greater than our past conditioning, we are in the “Zone”. Our body and mind performs to its potential and that ease is when creativity emerges and actions are done with grace and precision.

            When we reflect that lack of ease, we are operated by our conditioned ego and the habits learned in our past dictate our life. Now most people accept that lack of ease as just that is the way I am. I did that my entire life without knowing I was doing it, but when I got sick with MS; I was given the right to change that and go beyond my conditioned nature to find the Wisdom of my Body.

            My conditioning wasn’t a negative thing, I came from a wonderful family and I felt a spiritual depth, but the conscious mind only covers our true nature. My illness stripped me from my coverings and even though I was dealing with a chronic illness, I broke out of my conditioned mind and experienced the power of my subconscious.

            For the past 24 years my focus has been to create an inner environment that kept me connected to that depth, mostly because that was the only way I could deal with what was happening to me. At that depth I was free from the thoughts of being handicapped and I was connected to an inner wisdom that gave me the strength to deal with my MS challenge.

            Now I work with people helping them to create that inner healing environment by reprogramming their subconscious mind. Since the habits that creates your character was conditioned; when you have a strong goal you have the ability to reprogram your subconscious mind. I have seen the goal of healing be what frees a person from past conditioning, for the desire to live is stronger than the desire to protect who you were taught to be.
            I have also seen the spiritual aspiration to connect to an Ultimate reality be stronger than being committed to past conditioning. The fact is that whenever you crave something more than you identify with your thinking mind, the Wisdom of your Body needs to be your focus so powerful inner resources can be released.

            That can be for healing where it is easy to see that your life is more important than your thoughts and conditioning. Or to use the wisdom of the body for spiritual aspirations where a spiritual experience is greater than the creations of your mind.

            It really doesn’t matter what your goal is, just don’t let your old habits limit you. You have the right to break out of your character and create a conscious connection to the Wisdom of your Body. When the Wisdom of your Body deals with your health or spiritual aspirations, it is though you are putting your best foot forward to accomplish that goal. Approach everything you value with the Wisdom of your Body and aspire to your goal with the best of you. Don’t be a victim to your past conditioning, if it doesn’t serve you—change it.

Marc Lerner is the author of The Life Skills Approach. He lectures frequently to patients in a health crisis and those in an emotional trauma,. For more information, visit www.lifeskillsinc.com and get a free e-book.
© 2005  Life Skills Inc.

Learning Introspection: Tuning into Your Own Wisdom

By; Marc Lerner

   The word introspection, from a Latin word meaning "to look inward," is like the key to a hidden treasure that exists within each of us.  Unfortunately we have been taught that proper thinking is the key to the success we are looking for and with that focus only we ignore the treasure that exists in the silence beyond our thoughts.  Clear thinking is an important tool in dealing with our external world, but to effectively deal with our inner reality we need resources that are found beyond thoughts.  I am talking about the Wisdom of our body, something that has evolved over millions of years to protect our species.

            When we face a struggle like poor health, there is no thought or understanding in your mind that can replace the Wisdom of your Body.  You would think connecting to this wisdom would be exactly what every sick person would like to do, but for many their conditioning doesn't allow them to do that.  The simple desire to heal has the power to break you out of the prison of your character and connect you to the Wisdom of your Body. From that inner wisdom you become an active partner with your doctor in the healing process.  This partnership uses the best of the medical world in medicine and treatments with the powerful inner resources of the patient.

            If healing becomes your most important desire, which having a chronic illness often creates, your focus naturally transcends old character habits.  There is one benefit in being sick you need to take advantage of and that is illness has the ability to free you from your past conditioning and connect you to the Wisdom of your Body.  

            Albert Einstein once said, "Oppor­tunity travels incognito, dis­guised as misfortune."   The word for "crisis" in Chinese is derived from a word meaning both dan­ger" and "opportunity."  Like the pressure that turns coal into dia­monds, a crisis can transform us into the people we were meant to be.

            When you focus on the level of your thoughts and conditioning, struggle can mean defeat. To the wisdom of the body, struggle is a time to grow and manifest beyond the way you were conditioned.  When you focus on the past, it is as though you are looking in the rear view mirror as you drive.   If you only look to the experts for advice it is as though you are reading a map as you drive or talking to your doctor in the back seat; you need to actively participate using your inner resources with your doctor to heal at your true potential.

            Inner communications is in two ways, you communicate to your body and your body communicates with you. Your self image is the part of you that determines the quality of your inner communications;so it is important for you to take control of your self image to insure the best part of you directs your inner communications. I have been teaching people in a health crisis to find the best part of themselves—I call that their Positive Self.

            At a seminar I gave recently, a person with AIDS came to learn the Life Skills Approach. He named his Negative Self "Indifferent" and his Positive Self "Joy." When he channeled his thoughts to “Indifferent,” he got the uncaring answers that came from a part of him that did not care very much about his life. When he directed his thoughts to “Joy,” he got the respons­es that came from the part of him that had a real loving spirit and a strong will to live. It was very obvious which part of him would create the best motivation in his life.                                                          By creating the habit of consciously accepting his Positive Self, he could find resources that turn tragedy into opportunity, and find real quality in his life. It was easy to see the little effort it would take to connect to his Positive Self would have been significant in dealing with his health crisis.

            Science shows that when we develop a habit, that habit can actually change the chemical makeup of our bodies. Just imagine what would happen if you developed the habit of accepting your Positive Self as the real you. Your mental response to everything you experience would trigger a different chemical reaction,     c­reating a dramatic positive effect on your life.                                        When you learn to accept the Positive Self as the real you, you can make the shift that enables you to better deal with the situation. In Stephen Covey’s book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, he talks about the need to “shift our para­digm”, which is the way we see the world. Covey tells the story of a subway ride he took in New York. It was a quiet ride until a man and his children entered the subway. The man sat next to Stephen, and his children ran around the subway disturbing everyone there. When Stephen asked the man to do something about his children, he slowly looked up and said they had just come from the hospital, and that their mother had died. The children did not know how to take it. At that moment, Stephen stopped being annoyed and became eager to help. He shifted his para­digm, and saw the world differently.  

                                 Changing your self image has the potential to create that paradigm shift also. When you have the ability to shift from focusing on your Negative Self; where you get negative responses to your thoughts—shifting to your Positive Self instantly gives you positive interpretations. In the technique I teach, a simple word or a phrase can shift your self image; instantly turning a negative self image into an image that represents the best parts of you.
                                                                                                                                   In a health struggle, it is not the illness that determines the outcome as much as who has the illness. In an ordinary life struggle, it is not what you struggle with that determines the outcome of the struggle as much as what part of you deals with that struggle. It is not the struggle you face, but how you react to it.    
    If you developed the habit of connecting to your Positive Self, your communications to your body would be as though you were talking to someone you loved and respected. Communications with your Negative Self would be as though you were talking to someone you disliked and didn’t trust. Developing the ability to make that shift from the Negative to the Positive Self would be a wise thing to develop if you are really serious about participating in your health.

            Please note introspection has gotten some bad press, for when people trust their thoughts more than this inner wisdom, their thoughts become their reality. In a partnership you work as a team towards a goal; making what you think an important part of interacting with your doctor. The doctor plays the lead role and you need to follow, but the thoughts in your mind have to be resolved for your participation to be effective. Don’t bury unresolved thoughts so your own mind sabotages your healing. If you don’t resolve unfinished business with your doctor, seek out someone like a therapist to resolve it with.
 Marc Lerner is the President of Life Skills Inc. and the author of "The Life Skills Approach." For more information on Marc Lerner, his published works, and Life Skills Inc, please visit http://www.lifeskillsinc.com and get a free e-book.

© 2005  Life Skills Inc.

The Patient’s Role in Healing,
The most important thing they can do

By; Marc Lerner

More important than anything you can do in the world of modern medicine, happens within you. For the person who deals with the health crisis determines how you respond to medical treatments, the messages you send to your body from your brain and how you use external resources. Family and friends are incredible resources, conventional or alternative approaches are valuable and even prayer requires the best of you to respond. Your self image, or “who” deals with your health challenge is something everyone in a health crisis has to be responsible for.

            Of course other people influence you, but you really have direct control over your identity. Your self image, how you use your inner resources and what you focus on have significant affects on your body. I see a “victim” as a person who is dependant on external forces to determine these qualities, but the “empowered person” takes responsibility for them to insure they are at the standards of inner wisdom.

            Most people rely on how they were conditioned in the past to define their self image or self trust, but a person in a health crisis has the ability to create the ideal quality regardless of their past. For instance, a person facing a health challenge with a negative self image can re-condition a self image that reflects powerful inner resources. A person who doesn’t feel they trust their body to heal can learn to trust the wisdom beyond their thinking mind.

            When a person accepts inner qualities and assumes the empowered person’s perspective; they become a partner with medical professionals and significantly influence how you deal with a health crisis in a positive way. The people who don’t take this active role become victims of their past conditioning and tend to unnecessarily suffer.

            I feel that consciously dealing with a health crisis evolves you into becoming a better person. The struggles we face are really meant to make us grow and by doing so we can better deal with that challenge. If your health challenge involves an illness or a disability; realize that you are responsible for how you deal with it.

Marc Lerner, the author of The Life Skills Approach lectures frequently to patients in a health crisis and those in emotional trauma, helping them harness inner resources. For more information and a free e-book, visit www.lifeskillsinc.com

© 2006 Marc A. Lerner

Our Greatest Resource in Healing is too often Ignored

By; Marc Lerner

When the patient becomes an active partner in healing with their doctor, powerful inner resources work with those treatments and they are better received.

Creating an inner healing environment is totally the patient’s responsibility, but it seems to be replaced by looking to outer resources for the solution to their problem.

If the patient really accepted their inner resources, their participation could make the doctor’s treatments more effective. The fact is healing is directly influenced by the inner environment of the patient and only the patient controls that, but the doctor can help that to happen.

When the patient accepts that power, they will be forced to act as an equal partner with the doctor. They will take even the casual expressions of the mind seriously and will strive to create the most optimal inner healing environment.

Their feelings significantly affect their inner environment and though they may not be the cause of healing, it affects the way they respond to medication and their doctor’s treatment. If the inner environment affects healing only 10%, why wouldn’t you do everything you can to heal?

That question is easily answered on the level of everyday thinking, but the real answer comes from a depth where actions speak louder than words. That depth is where the Wisdom of the Body responds to your illness without the complexity of thinking.

When we can enter that depth with complete respect for the power we have… we can surrender to the Wisdom of our Body without our thoughts limiting our participation.

This is where the doctor can influence the patient to accept that inner power so their treatments are better received. When the doctor honors  and respects that depth as they treat the patient, that could trigger that depth in the patient to become activated.

Marc Lerner helps people in a health crisis to accept their inner power. Sometimes that is the most important thing you can do in a health crisis. Go to www.lifeskillsinc.com and explore The Life Skills Approach to empower patient participation..

© Marc A. Lerner 2007

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