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To Life Skills companies using Life Skills name

I have a money-making proposition for you.  Life Skills Inc ® is a corporation that offers an e-book to individuals in a health crisis, helping them to create an attitude of healing, so they form a partnership with their doctors and medical team.  If you put a link to www.lifeskillsinc.com on your website I will put a recipical link on my website to your site.
All purchases made from our recipical links would receive 25% of the purchase.  That means if your referrals purchase my product; you receive 25% and if my referral purchases your products—Life Skills Inc. receives 25%. 

Life Skills Inc. is focused on patient participation in the healing process and the link would be; The Life Skills Approach to patient participation.  I feel this would be a positive deal for both of us.  Life Skills has an uncontested Trademark for the term Life Skills in the area for health, but instead of taking the route of prosecuting Trademark infringement cases, we have chosen to take a path that could mutually benefit both of us.

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