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Do you know someone who is sick?
The best help you can offer a person in a health crisis is how they can help them self. When a person only looks outside of themselves for help, they avoid an amazing opportunity every illness offers. The Life Skills Approach is based on the fact that when we connect to our inner resources, we become better partners with medical experts. We will not only heal better in a partnership like that, we will grow into a better person.
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If you want to send them the E-book on the Life Skills Approach to cope with a chronic illness or with a Disability; check the appropriate box

the Life Skills Approach to cope with a chronic illness

the Life Skills Approach to cope with a disability

place the mini E-book in the E-mail to them the one that was selected with the appropriate address (have this done automatically. Then have this in the body of the e-mail;

First name of the friend was concerned about your health and requested that you received this E-book to help you deal with your challenge.
A friend asked Life Skills Inc. to send this to you to help you deal with your health challenge.


The Life Skills Approach is a way to consciously condition  your mind to deal with challenges from the Wisdom of your Body. You can go to http://lifeskillsinc.com for this E-book or download it from this e-mail. Life Skills shows you how you can turn your challenges into opportunities for incredible growth. If you would like more information about Life Skills go to my Blog at http://lifeskillsapproach.com.

If you are forced to deal with a health challenge, take advantage of the opportunities your struggle offers and appreciate incredible growth.

Be well,
Marc Lerner
President of Life Skills Inc.

Click here to send your friend a free mini E-book that will help them cope with their health challenge.

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