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Thank you for your interest in The Life Skills Approach! We are currently offering free samples of each of our two e-book programs. These books will give you a sample of the tele-seminar on how to connect to your center and use your inner resources to meet your challenges. Please right click the links below and select "Save As" from the menu. You will need the free program Adobe Reader to view these files.

Actively participate in healing as a partner with your doctor. Learn how to tap powerful inner resources that make treatments more effective. Reduce anxiety and positively affect your healing process.

The Life Skills Approach: Health

How you deal with your disability can affect your entire life. Subtle inner changes can alter your perception of your disability and how you relate to the world around you.

The Life Skills Approach: Disability

If you are interested in recieving more information about the Life Skills Approach, please fill out the form below. Please indicate if you are interested in LSA: Health or LSA: Disability.

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