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Thank you for your interest in The Life Skills Approach. There are two versions of our e-book program; The Life Skills Approach - Health and The Life Skills Approach - Disability. Each version of our program is specifically tailored to relate to that audience with pictures and examples the reader can identify with.

Life Skills can easily adapt an e-book to meet any size need. If you have many people you serve or you have a small practice; an e-book can be created to meet your needs and sold through http://lifeskillsinc.com with automatic support for your participants. There are Tele-seminars they can participate in and auto responders that guide them through the e-book for optimal benefits.

The Life Skills Approach is an e-book program that helps individuals form positive habits and develop strong connections with their inner resources. When facing a health challenge, reprogramming the mind empowers the person to change on a subconscious level and heal at their full potential.

The Life Skills Approach uses the same e-book with different focuses, utilizing different pictures and examples. Going through both e-books can create different responses, giving the person a stronger connection to the Wisdom of the Body as they work on their health or on how to deal with their disability. The benefit one will receive depends on how each book is approached.

The goal of The Life Skills Approach is to establish a positive mindset through a specific series of techniques, to develop the "character" of you that can best deal with your health challenge. The two Life Skills Approach books can be used together to develop a broader network of supportive, positive habits for those who suffer from both health problems and disabilities.

Tele-seminar Training If you want to be lead through The Life Skills Approach e-book through a Tele-seminar, where the techniques are explained in the suggested order with examples from past seminar participants and your questions answered please click here

Adapted e-books Life Skills Approach books can be adapted to fit your audience perfectly. Each book with appropriate pictures and examples will activate the people you work with to create an attitude of healing. When patients work with you from that attitude they will; better respond to your treatments as they create a stronger bond to your service. Regardless of the challenge they face, if they personally grow from interacting with you, they become loyal patients.

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