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There are two Life Skills programs available.

The eBook "A Healthy Way to Be Sick"
  1. Read the e-book "A Healthy Way to Be Sick" to understand the goal of what a healthy way to be sick is. If you truly understand this state of mind, you will be able to turn a terrible situation into an incredible opportunity to grow.
  2. To be able to consciously re-condition your subconscious mind, you need to develop these qualities.
The Tele-seminar focuses on four themes, each of them developed over a week.
  1. Clarity of thinking. This is for when people are in a crisis their own thoughts often become their greatest obstacle.
  2. How they trust and accept themselves. These life skills are essential for them to fully participate in healing.
  3. How they focus. This simple life skill determines what part of them receives the full inner qualities of life.
  4. How they use these skills is just as important as the actual skills learned. In the final technique they learn how to use their brain as a Bio-computer where they face difficult challenges without having to think about their situation and perform at a high standard.
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