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Dear Friends and Fellow Patients

Within you there are powerful inner resources, which I call the Wisdom of the Body. Tapping into the Wisdom of the Body can enable you to participate in the healing process as a partner with your doctor. The word "patient" is derived from the Latin word "pati," which means "to suffer.” That happens when the patient relies only on others for help and ignores being an active participant. In The Life Skills Approach a patient plays an active role utilizing their powerful inner resources. In this e-book you will learn over 20 techniques that develop those resources which enables you to better deal with a health crisis. And better yet, your experience of healing will make you a better person.

But for most of us, our minds have become so cluttered and busy with extraneous thoughts that we no longer recognize the Wisdom of our Bodies. Habits and past experiences run our lives and keep us from tapping this incredible resource. The reason this resource is so difficult for most people to connect to is that it exists on the other side of our thinking. That is why the techniques of this e-book are so valuable; it conditions your mind to enter the silence beyond your thoughts.

What if, instead of being ruled by your habits and your past, you learned to use every quality you have? The Life Skills Approach uses simple techniques to do just that. The Wisdom of the Body can be the key that opens that door to excellence; you just have to be ready to accept it and Life Skills can help get you there.

If you would do anything to get better…learn how to connect to the Wisdom of your Body and participate with a healing attitude. Go beyond the thoughts and fears you have about your situation and tap your powerful inner resources and become a partner with your health professionals.

Don’t be a victim to pain and discomfort take an active role by connecting to the Wisdom of Your Body

If you don't think it is possible...
Try a 5 minute FREE sample technique. This will show you the foundation of Life Skills. In as short as 5 minutes you will see how to connect to the wisdom of your body. It doesn’t give you anything new; it just shows you the power you already have Now, just click this link to begin.

Sample Technique

The Life Skills Approach is a program that helps people form positive habits and develop a connection with their inner resources.
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