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"I would, without reservation, recommend ... your program to help develop a positive mental attitude for any person suffering from a serious medical condition. This will, I am sure, not only result in a better quality of life but will also have great potential for lengthening the productive lifetime of the person."

-Charles W. Richter, President, Board of Directors, Wellness Networks Tri-Cities Inc.

"Our clients with hemophilia and AIDS/ARC have expressed to me their appreciation that such a useful and supportive course was available to them in this difficult time in their lives. These individuals, who must cope with a chronic, debilitating illness in addition to a potentially fatal disease, have responded most positively to the seminars. Benefits often mentioned by the participants are learning to take a more active role in their healing process and a renewed sense of control and hopefulness."

-Peggy Streid, Education Coordinator, Hemophilia Council of California

Mr. Lerner has been volunteering here since early 1985 in the capacity of group facilitator for a training called Self Acceptance. The size of the group ranges from ten to twenty-five, and Mr. Lerner facilitated it weekly for the first two years and monthly thereafter and ongoing. He has had a consistently high turnout for his group (group attendance is on a voluntary, walk-in basis), most likely due to his gentle, accepting reception of our members, which has elicited openness sand receptiveness in return. This is a remarkable feat, as many of our participants can be unmedicated, withdrawn, symptomatic, and fearful.

"Overall, I heartily endorse and recommend Marc Lerner to you in any capacity in which he would provide skills and training or self-help/support for groups, whether they be disabled or otherwise."

-Lisa Mansouri, Program Director, Step Up on 2nd

I am writing to you in my capacity as Chief of the Vietnam Veterans Liaison Unit at the West LA VA Medical Center. Over the last several years we have had the honor of having Mr. Marc Lerner present his “Patient’s Role In Healing” material to several of our Vietnam Veteran treatment groups. Mr. Lerner’s material was extremely well received and our patients felt that his work was very helpful for them.

-James R. Dwyer, Chief of the Vietnam Veteran's Liaison Unit

"Our participants have grown from their workshops with Marc in terms of coming in touch with the healing experience within.

It is my hope that Marc finds a way by which to promote his program and the Life Skills Institute so others can profit from his personal experience and wisdom in the strive for health, wholeness and contentment."

-Selma R. Schimmel, Founder/Executive Director of Vital Options

I am a clinical social worker and I direct a partial day treatment program for seniors with persistent mental health problems. All of my clients suffer to one degree or another with low self esteem. In my three groups we offer group psychotherapy, art and movement therapies. In addition I often invite speakers with expertise in different areas.

Mr. Lerner is offering a seminar on self image and self esteem. He has presented in two of my groups the first of the workshops. The group members, my staff and myself have found him to be inspirational both as a person and as a presenter. I have a client, who in three years has never once sat through an entire three hour group. When Mr. Lerner presented in one group she left the session once and in the second she never left and fully participated. Another group member said to Mr. Lerner, “You speak from the heart.”

The philosophy of our agency is to empower older adults and make them more in charge of their lives including their health and mental well being. They are also encouraged to help others. Mr. Lerner’s seminars and his philosophy perfectly reflect this.

In the four years that I have been working here, I have never had a presenter so warmly received. His seminars are on the surface simple and yet reflect many of the up to date current theories in mental health.

Libby Raphael-Wein, LSCW Coordinator of Social Work Services

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