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The Life Skills Approach offers one of the most valuable resources to the health Industry; the wisdom of the patient’s body. Medical treatments working with this resource are more effective because they are better received by the patients.

If you know of a company or group that works with people in a health crisis and would like to be a part of the Life Skills Inc. related links; send an e-mail to; relatedlinks@lifeskillsinc.com and put Related Links in the Subject line. Include the following information if you want to become a recipical link to lifeskillsinc.com

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Describe what function you play in the healing process with the people you serve:
Do you suggest to the people you work with that they become active participants in healing?  Please make any comments you feel  

Here are companies Life Skills worked with to set this website up and to bring you The Life Skills Approach.
These are companies that may help you with your health challenge;
www.monochrome.net “The company that hosts lifeskillsinc.com and offers excellent service”.
“This is the company that created the website, I highly recommend"
www.rainingherbs.zaadz.com Herbal therapy
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