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To give you an idea of what Life Skills can do, answer these questions with candid, first impressions. This technique will give you the perspective to participate in healing from a more conscious part of you. When you identify with your Positive Self, you will naturally connect with the Wisdom of your Body and utilize powerful inner resources in healing. When you connect to your Negative Self, you participate in healing through the perspective of your past conditioning and all of the limitations you had at that time.

Connecting To Your Positive and Negative Self

To give you an idea of what Life Skills can do; answer these questions with candid, first impressions.

Step One: think of a goal, one that you can really put your heart into. Let that goal slip into the background and this technique will show you what part of you has that goal-- your Positive or your Negative Self.

Step two: We will first connect to the negative part of you. This is the self-image created by your past conditioning. Think of the worst personal experience you can remember, for that experience helps you to connect to your Negative Self. Capture that negative experience in a word or a phrase and record it.

Step three: describe how you feel when you experience this negative feeling in two ways.

Step four: think of all of these words or phrases, and put them together to give a creative nickname to your Negative Self. What would you call that character?
Now let's create your Positive Self; the part of you that was created from times where you were connected to and manifested your powerful inner resources.

Step one: recall the best moment you have had and capture that experience in a word or a phrase

Step two: think of two ways this experience makes you feel and express those feelings in a word or a phrase.

Step three: now give a creative nickname to your Positive Self, what would you call that character?

Step four: state the name of your Positive Self in an “I Am Statement”.
I am _____________________ (use your Positive Self's nickname)

Step five: while saying the “I Am Statement”, imagine your Positive Self. Then breathe into your Positive Self as if your breath gives it life, and then let images bubble up in your mind of times that you connected to your Positive Self. This is an important habit to develop; for it becomes a shortcut to connect to the wisdom of your body. Once you develop your Positive and Negative Self, the e-book will use these aspects of yourself to develop valuable life skills that promote the healing process.

Now, if you read this e-book from the perspective of your Positive Self, you will create habits that will connect you to the Wisdom of your Body.

Examples of how other people used their Positive Self

At a seminar I gave recently, a person with AIDS came to learn the Life Skills Approach. Jack named his Negative Self "Indifferent" and his Positive Self "Joy."

When Indifferent interpreted his life, he got uncaring answers. When Joy interpreted his life, he got the responses that came from the part of him that had a real loving spirit and a strong will to live. It was very obvious which part of him would create the most conscious motivation in his life and healing. By creating the habit of connecting to his Positive Self, he turned a depressing time into an opportunity to realize the power and beauty of Joy.

I don't believe that the Positive Self can cure AIDS, but I have no doubt that the Positive Self can help each of us deal with our struggles more consciously, with a positive quality of life.

“After I was diagnosed with cancer it seemed as though my world was turned upside down. When Marc showed me how to connect to my Positive Self, I felt assured I would be able to deal with that challenge utilizing the best parts of me. It is wonderful to find inner comfort in the midst of trauma.”
-Diane, cancer patient

"When I looked into the future—my illness scared the hell out of me. But after I learned to connect to my Positive and Negative Self; I saw it was looking out of the eyes of my Negative self that scared me. In fact looking out of the eyes of my Positive Self, actually made me want to successfully deal with the challenge of my illness. My self-image was the key to having a healthy perspective and I thank you for showing me that."
-Allen, newly diagnosed multiple sclerosis patient

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