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Senior Health & Peer Counseling Center

2125 Arizona Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90404-1398

                                                                                                March 18, 1988

Mr. Marc Lerner
c/o Life Skills Institute
323 Marine Street, #20
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Dear Marc:

            This letter is to confirm our telephone conversation of today, March 18, 1988.

            As we discussed, you know the purpose of my socialization groups are to empower my clients who have suffered from difficulties in living and to become more active in their own health and well being.

            In fact, it has been through one of my client’s experiences with the group at the VA that I heard first about you. My client found that the self esteem seminars were so beneficial he wanted me to look into it for our groups here.

The mission and philosophy of our center is to help empower our clients and to inspire a giving spirit. That is apparent in our peer counseling model and our entire volunteer enterprises.

I know that mission is also yours and I look forward to a beginning and creative relationship.

                                                            Sincerely yours,

                                                            Libby R. Nein, MSW., LCSW
                                                            Coordinator of Social Work Services Enclosures

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