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Join a Teleseminar "Connecting to your Center"

The Life Skills Approach will guide you through some deep processes so you create habits that free you from your thinking mind, as you connect to the Wisdom of your Body. This seminar allows you to connect to your center without thinking about it, by developing the skills to do that automatically.

There are over 20 supportive techniques that develop a positive self image, self trust, freedom from annoying thoughts, and a direct connection to the Wisdom of your Body.

Learn to deal with any health challenge from the Wisdom of your Body. This seminar develops the inner environment that is “A Healthy Way to Be Sick”.

If you are interested in being a part of a Teleseminar for either Coping with a Disability or Dealing with a Chronic illness, please fill out the information below.

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Health Disability

Indicate your main focus in taking the Tele-seminar. Do you have a specific focus that you would like me to know? These often give me ideas to talk about in my seminars.

The cost of the seminar is  $59.95 for a telephone seminar once a week as you go through the E-book. As you go through the E-book you can send E-mails with the questions you have and they may be answered in the seminar. Send your questions to seminar.questions@lifeskillsinc.com

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