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Turning struggles into opportunities to grow

By; Marc Lerner

There is an automatic response when you face a challenge that you were not prepared for; you look for solutions beyond your normal habitual way of thinking. That can be a life changing event if you trust yourself or that can be a cause of discomfort and panic.

If you are use to landing your awareness in the comfort of the “known”, warning alarms are ignited when you leave that comfort zone. These alarms are not like bells and whistles, they are tension and discomfort and they make you search for the comfort of the “known”.

That happens in a fraction of a second so our thinking mind doesn’t recognize it, but that reaction limits us from our powerful inner resources. If you face a health challenge you need to tap inner resources that exist beyond our habitual ways of thinking and that reaction could limit your healing. If you face any challenge that you need to go beyond your habitual habits to solve; that reaction could mean failure.

When our life is at stake we normally go beyond the “known” to tap inner resources. The reason we don’t do that in our everyday life is that we are attached to the “known” as though that was our life. If you could go beyond the known in a health crisis, why can’t you do that with other challenges?

Here is an important question. If your inner resources are beyond your thinking mind and being attached to the “known” is simply being use to landing your awareness on habitual ways of thinking; why don’t you change those habits? In a health crisis that habit can slow healing, but in our everyday life those habits simply limit us.

At work the “known” maybe the proven ways of success in business, but when you restrict your focus to the “known” you limit your creativity. Like the saying goes; if you do what you have always done, you can expect what always happens. The easiest thing to change begins within you, but unfortunately most people resist doing that.

You are able to control yourself so much easier than you can control other people. Then once you are in the right state of mind; you are better able to respond to your challenges no matter what they are.

Now let’s look at those same phenomena in our social life. It is easier to change yourself than it is to change the way others think about you. Unfortunately we have been conditioned to focus outside of our self so we think change begins in our external world. The first step to change begins in how you interpret your world and that is actually a simple thing o do.

Just think if you could perceive your reality differently; you would manifest from a totally new mind-set. If your challenge is with your health, with your work or even in your social life; learn how to see your reality from your greatest qualities and watch your limitations disappear.

Marc Lerner teaches people to connect with the Wisdom of their Body instead of their conditioned mind. Go to http://lifeskillsinc.com for free E-books on the Life Skills Approach or http://lifeskillsapproach.com; a Blog to explore how inner resources work.

© Marc Lerner 2007

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