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My Purpose
To empower the chronically ill & disabled to use their inner resources to create a quality of life that supports healing, but even more importantly allows them to accept the best part of them to manifest in every aspect of their life.
My Three Books
These books look at life in three ways. A Healthy Way to be Sick deals with illness. The Positive Self deals with what part of you deals with it best. The End: A Creative Approach to Death deals with how you approach death. Below is a link for an in-depth summary of each book.
The Positive Self
A Healthy Way To Be Sick
The End, A Creative Way to Approach Death

"Marc, I think your book reveals and adopts many of the things I have found useful and productive in helping people to change, heal their lives and derive physical benefits from their new selves."

~ Bernie Siegel, author of Faith, Hope and Healing and Love, Medicine and Miracles

A Healthy Way to be Sick
Turn challenges you can not control into incredible opportunities of spiritual growth. Control your focus and connect to inner wisdom instead of anxious thinking. Free introduction to "A Healthy Way To Be Sick" available here.
About Life Skills Institute

The Life Skills Approach is a program that helps people form positive habits and develop a connection with their inner resources. When you face a challenge, one of your best resources exists within you. This program offers instruction on how to utilize these resources and to meet your challenges at your full potential in a way that is as simple as breathing.

Victims are people who only look outside of themselves for the solutions to their problems. The empowered person taps inner resources and works as a partner with outer resources. We need to take total responsibility for using our inner resources in healing and in every aspect of life.

Radio Show!
A Healthy Way to be Sick Radio Show aired on World Talk Radio in 2011. Fourteen of the shows are available.
Go to the author's page at http://ahealthywaytobesick.com.
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